Technology support for Kimberly’s wings to reach more and offer more…

Technology support for Kimberly’s wings to reach more and offer more.

Kimberly Braun, a former Carmelite nun, a retreat leader, meditation coach, spiritual director and inspirational speaker was looking for a trusted technology partner as there was life’s precious work involved.

InfoBridge team proved to be a wind of support right from planning a suitable technology stack considering the scope of work, future scalability, ease in maintenance and of course budget. Creative team had a canvas for depicting Kimberly’s ideas,





Building an online platform to sell the book and related services like seminars, workshop and consulting.

Successful launch of

Idea analysis and transforming into a suitable technology, custom design, graphics support for eBook, membership program, ecommerce, newsletters, social media APIs, SSL, server support and all possible IT support as needed to make this project a great success,

Ted Larkins, an accomplished business executive and entrepreneur is an author of the book, Get To Be Happy: Stories and Secrets On Loving the Sh*t Out of Life. Ted co-developed a leading entertainment licensing company in Tokyo.




June 2019 (Indo-American Arts Council) site gets new look and feel.


Congratulations InfoBridge Team for transforming IAAC site into the modern looking UI and content management system, site is having completely responsive design that works on almost every device. Indian art consists of a variety of art forms, it is all about momentum. There is a concept of Rasas in the Natyashastra. Rasas literally means essence or taste.
InfoBridge creative team has depicted this concept in the new website.

About IAAC -
The INDO-AMERICAN ARTS COUNCIL is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization that promotes Indian theatre, art, film, fashion, music, dance. and Literature in the United States.


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