Innovative website design for Josie Kelly, California, USA

Josie Kelly

Josie Kelly M.F.T., C.H.T. provides counseling for the whole person. Based on thirty years of private practice experience, she has developed a unique style of wholistic psychotherapy- understanding that complete mental health occurs through integration.

Creative team at InfoBridge developed a cost-effective, responsive and mobile-compatible website for along with custom graphics, third party payment integration and all other IT support services.





Successfully launched a new website in a record time for an event management company in USA.

Website designing services for a USA based event management company.

Sakaar Entertainment is a USA based event management company, with a focus on live shows across USA & Canada featuring celebrities from the Bollywood entertainment industry,

InfoBridge team is rendering all possible IT support services like website design, custom graphics support, email campaigns, tickets, SMM and SEO tasks.





July 2019

InfoBridge Team celebrated success of project milestones achieved @ Dikhawa Dhaba

InfoBridge Team celebrated success of project milestones achieved @ Dikhawa Dhaba

InfoBridge has started working with University of California, San Diego, USA (UCSD). First project- Simons Observatory website has been completed and ready to get deployed to production. SO goal is to study how the universe began, what it is made of, and how it evolved to its current state, it is very interesting!

Achieved SMACK milestone. Now, the SMACK Stack is becoming New LAMP Stack.

The party was full of fun, climate was awesome and food was delicious. It was good to see everyone enjoying, smiling and participating in the games, congratulations to the winners.




InfoBridge team completes SMACK Stack project.

InfoBridge team completes SMACK Stack project.

For the last decade we were focusing on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture for many projects as per the trend.

Now, the SMACK (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka) Stack is becoming New LAMP Stack.

SMACK facilitates developing Scalable Real-time and Data-driven applications. Cassandra's architecture is responsible for its ability to scale and perform.



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