Success story – Launching of a new iOS app for YesMasters Inc

Success story – Launching of a new iOS app for YesMasters Inc.

#InfoBridge Team takes pride announcing launch of #YesMasters iPhone App, available at App store as

Another #SucessStory transforming client’s idea into a blueprint for the #mobileAppdevelopment. #InfoBridgeTeam with their deep understanding of the #SDLC and #process oriented approach brought YesMaster’s App into the real world.

Its an app for #RealEstateAgents aimed to serve YesMasters Training Courses, Coaching and Videos. Help Agents to set their Annual Goals and Track their performances on daily basis. App has built-in and #GeoMapping features. Script module helps to look for appropriate script to present. Facilitate Agents to search and identify other agents.

YesMasters is one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive training programs for real estate agents, with Julie Cho-Ward as CEO and Kevin Ward, Founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training, Speaker and Trainer, who equips new agents to launch a successful career in real estate.

Know more about YesMasters at


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