Christine Marie Mason
Infobridge has been wonderful to work with- they have helped us on several projects. The team listens well, offers great improvement suggestions, is highly responsive and does great work. They do what they say they will do, on time and on budget.
Christine Marie Mason,
Co-founder, GoGreen Online and GoGreen TV,
San Francisco, CA
Aroon Shivdasani
I have known Infobridge for more than 15 years. They take amazing care of all technological solutions for our organization with the utmost dedication and skill. Assigning all technical aspects relating to our website to Infobridge has left me unbelievably stress free. I am always happy to recommend them to others as I know I will receive rave reviews for their work.
Aroon Shivdasani,
Executive Director, IAAC,
New York
Prem Sundaram
Thank you so much for all your help. Infobridge is doing a great job for TSG and it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Prem Sundaram,
Principal and President, TSG Inc.,
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Bill Musgrave
I have worked with Kanchan and the Infobridge team for almost eight years. They have wonderfully taken care of all the technological needs and this relationship has been expanding everyday. Infobridge has always been special to me and I wish them the very best for all their projects.
Dr. Bill Musgrave,
Former CEO, The Enterprise Network (TEN) of Silicon Valley
Adam Gilad
I had been a screenwriter for many years, and decided it was time to launch my own businesses. Every day was a learning curve and Infobridge was curving right up alongside me, smoothing the way, indeed, often leading the way, helping me with the tools and the systems and the support I needed to swiftly move into success. I am consistently astonished at their professionalism, responsiveness, ability to quickly master new software and overall politeness. My gratitude is great. If my arms were long enough, I would reach over the Pacific Ocean every day and hug them personally!
Adam Gilad,
CEO, Gilad Creative Media, Inc.,
Los Angeles, CA
Dana Oertell-Scoby
I would like to thank Infobridge for doing such a superb job. Their valuable services and response to deadlines has been excellent.
Dana Oertell-Scoby,
President, Maestro Communications,
Los Gatos, CA
Damodar Periwal
My association with Infobridge is on a more personal level than a mere business relationship. Infobridge has been a great friend, associate and partner in India. I am always happy to recommend them to any of my associates.
Damodar Periwal,
CEO, Software Tree, Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA
John Mao
I have known Kanchan and the Infobridge team for over 15 years now and our relationship has progressively grown from a business association to Infobridge partnering us in India. They are a great team to work with and we are confident to enjoy a long term relationship.
John Mao,
Founder, RHUB Communications, Inc,
San Jose, CA
Dr. Alex Benzer
Infobridge's technical expertise has helped me and my colleagues create businesses that would not have been possible otherwise. They are conscientious and efficient and do high-quality work. I have recommended them to a half-dozen friends and will continue to refer business to them in the future.
Dr. Alex Benzer,
Tao of Dating,
Los Angeles, CA
Maria Zyrianova
Infobridge has been instrumental in translating my web development ideas into reality. It’s been a beautiful experience working with you!
Maria Zyrianova,
Actress, Hollywood,
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