27th September 2008: Seminar on Pre-marital and Post-marital Issues with a spotlight on people connected with the IT Industry

In a fast changing social setup, the stress levels and work pressures are high among working professionals which in turn are affecting marital relationships and the situation of those working in the IT industry seems to be no different. Many IT professionals are looking at the institution of marriage as a contract or just an arrangement that can be altered according to one's convenience. To address this much discussed and important topic, a one day seminar was organized by the Rotary Club of Pune Gandhibhavan on pre-marital and post-marital issues with a special spotlight on people connected with the IT industry. The Club has organized many such seminars in the last four years with many significant social issues brought into perspective. A major focus at this seminar was on the social, legal and economic perspectives of pre-marital and post-marital issues and guest speakers were invited to guide the participants to maintain healthy relationships with their spouses which in turn will lead to a happy, healthy and balanced society.

26th December 2008: Christmas and New Year celebrations

In tune with the festive mood of Christmas and New Year, the annual get together of InfoBridge on 26th December 2008 added joy to the celebrations. This was the event everyone was looking forward to, it provided the best stage to end the year with a bang!

After refreshing everyone with a quick breakfast, the event began with the Saraswati pooja and the lighting of the lamp by Kanchan Gauri. Roopa welcomed everyone with a great spirit. With a presentation on the Growth and Future plans of InfoBridge, Kanchan highlighted the importance of development through positive thinking. It was an absolute treat to hear Sangeeta singing the Christmas carol 'O Holy Night', describing the night when Christ was born. Her melodious voice rang loud and clear in the conference room. Chetan's presentation on how to reduce wireless spending, amidst a lot of technical jargon and software lingo, was very informational and interesting.

July 2007 : Global-4pl

Global-4plGlobal4PL - is a supply chain management company selects InfoBridge Solutions as technology partners, for their software development and support services.

Global4PL is a leading supply chain solutions provider that specializes in helping hi-tech companies penetrate new regional markets, optimize their supply chain delivery models, and demonstrate total supply chain costs lower than the competition.


July 2007 : (GSCLG)

Kanchan Gauri, CEO InfoBridge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. joins the advisory board of Global Supply Chain Leaders Group (GSCLG).

GSCLG is an association of senior Supply Chain executives, magazine editors, selected consultants, and other Supply Chain thought leaders built on the foundation of local chapters, who come together to share and enhance their rich intellectual capital for the benefit of its members and their organizations.


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